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Alnwick Wedding Photographer – My November Image

It’s One Blog Circle time again already.

Every month I take part in a blog circle with some wonderful and talented female photographers from around the world.  We each share ONE image that we love from the previous month.  I like to take this opportunity to share a personal image but I find when I am busy with work I take far less personal images so I struggled to find one this month. Then I came across this image and I knew it was the ONE. This was taken on Remembrance Sunday after the parade when my husband was carrying my daughter to the car. I had taken my camera with me hoping to get some nice shots but as the parade was later in the afternoon by the time it finished it was dark already… I thought this was a cute moment and I rarely get a shot of him in uniform so I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag.


Now back to the blog circle and this month I am linking to Jessie Nelson, Southern Idaho Newborn Photographer Go check out her stunning work.

Alnwick Wedding Photographer

Fi xxx



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This is such a lovely image, capturing a heartwarming moment! I admire how you skillfully utilized the available light to seize this precious father-daughter bond. It serves as a delightful reminder of the significance of preserving our cherished moments through photography. Great job!

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Thanks for giving beautiful information about wedding photographers. We are satisfied with your sweet ideas.

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Shows the love for the child

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This is a beautiful image and a sweet moment captured! I love how you were able to make the most of the light and capture a special moment between father and daughter. It’s a lovely reminder of the importance of capturing our loved ones in photographs – well done!

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What a sweet moment between your husband and daughter! I love the black and white <3

Beautiful and so special. Thanks for sharing this month in the circle!

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