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Introducing Baby Zak

Newborn baby
Newborn baby Zak


It is such a honour as a photographer to be invited into someone’s home to photograph their precious moments with their newborn.  Those first fleeting moments are so special and sadly gone before we know it.

That is why I feel capturing them is so important and not just capturing photos of your beautiful new baby but capturing YOU… As when a baby is born a mother and a father and a new family are born also.  Your life changes beyond measure.  Those things you said when you were expecting your little bundle about how the baby would fit into you life and nothing would change… You quickly realise how wrong you were.  Your life has changed forever and it’s scary, sometimes at 4am when you think you are never going to have a full nights sleep again ever it’s absolutely terrifying… But still you welcome the change with open arms because this baby is YOUR baby and he or she is the single more amazing, beautiful and precious little thing in the whole world..  You cant even image what you did with your time before this little life arrived.

A new baby rocks your world, shakes it up, swirls it around and shines the biggest most beautiful rainbow over it.  Your life has changed forever, you may be tired, your nipples may hurt, you may have cried a lot but you wouldn’t have it any other way…  This is why I love capture families in the early weeks with their newborn.. So you can look back and remember the moments, remember the feelings, remember the joy!

“The nights are long but the years are short, so I’ll breath in your beauty and exhale my love.  I’ll treasure the moments you fall asleep to the rhythm of my beating heart, precious little one.”    Kirsty Lee

I felt so welcome from the moment I walked into Simon and Laura’s home.   I loved the light and airy feel of their home and knew we would capture beautiful images there.  Simon and Laura seemed so relaxed and happy with their new baby and I was honoured to be there to capture that for them.  Thank you for having me Simon, Laura and baby Zak… Here are some of my favourites from your session.


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