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In-home lifestyle newborn photography sessions have a special place in my heart and are a beautiful way to document the arrival of a new family member. Unlike traditional studio photography, in-home sessions allow for a more natural and emotive approach, resulting in images that truly capture the essence of the family.

One of the most special aspects of an in-home lifestyle newborn session is the inclusion of older siblings. Seeing the love and adoration on the face of a three-year-old as they interact with their new baby sibling is truly heartwarming. It’s these candid and emotional moments that make the images so special and meaningful.

When it comes to the actual photo session, it’s a relaxed and enjoyable experience. All you need to do is be yourself and I will do the rest. I will use the natural light in your home to create beautiful and emotive images and work with your family to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I am very experienced photographing families, babies and children and am a mother myself so you don’t need to worry about a thing. All my family and newborn sessions are very child led meaning your children don’t need to behave in any certain way at all they can just be themselves and you can relax.

One of the key elements to achieving natural and emotive images is to capture the everyday moments of the family. This could be anything from the new mum feeding her baby, to the big sister gently touching her baby sister’s hand. It’s these little moments that truly capture the essence of the family and make the images special and unique.

In-home lifestyle photography is about documenting your truth, capturing the real moments, emotions and connections within your family. And it’s important to remember that it’s not about creating a perfect image where everyone is smiling at the camera, but about capturing the beauty of your family as it is in that moment in time. I love to play with light and camera techniques to give my images a unique and film like feel, encapsulating and romanticising your memories to create images that will be treasured forever.

Thank you to this lovely family for having me.

mum sitting on couch with baby and three year old children. Newcastle Newborn photography
mum smiles at dad while the family sit on the bed. Newcastle newborn photographer

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